Practice Specialties

Papers related to specialties in my practice can be
downloaded here:

- "Collaborative Divorce" (in Adobe Reader format)  
Collaborative Divorce

- "Forgiveness and Reconciliation" (in Adobe Reader
Forgiveness and Reconciliation

- "The Challenge of Relationship:
Control vs. Compassion" (in Adobe Reader format)
The Challenge of Relationship: Control vs. Compassion

- "What's Your Conflict Resolution Style?" (in Adobe
Reader format)
What's Your Conflict Resolution Style?

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you will be able to
download it from the following link.
Adobe Reader Website

Top 10 Psychologists in Wheaton 2015
Congratulations to Amstutz Donna, PhD for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Wheaton Psychologist
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